12 things to do before Christmas with kids

It’s no secret that December can be a busy whirlwind of fun! There are so many options when it comes to festive events and things to see that get your family into the holiday spirit. I absolutely love doing all of those things, because it heightens my kids’ excitement level for Christmas every time.

Last year, December was amazing but hectic! I was teaching full-time and graduating with my degree so Christmas break was an amazing time of rest.  There was so much relaxing family time at home and at the beach. Afterwards, I realized that there were some Christmas traditions that I totally forgot about. I don’t regret how we spent that time, but this year I wanted to be more intentional about keeping our family Christmas traditions and starting some new traditions! 

It’s important to my family to enjoy and be grateful for simple fun. I want this time to be special and I want to make sweet family memories, but I don’t want to spend a fortune! This list is all of that- simple fun that will create special and sweet family time without costing a lot of money!

  1. Make fake snow! We haven’t done this yet, but I’m going to try this recipe https://www.nobiggie.net/25-indoor-winter-activities-for-kids/
  2. Take a video of your kids singing a Christmas song or doing a Christmas dance for a family member or friend 
  3. Donate used or new toys to charity- let your child choose some toys that they don’t use anymore to give away
  4. If you’re hosting Christmas dinner, have your kids make dinner place cards
  5. Watch your favorite Christmas movie in your pajamas together with fun snacks
  6. Give each family member a pad of Post-It notes and leave encouraging notes for each other around the house
  7. Have a Christmas light dance party- turn off all of your regular lights and use indoor Christmas lights to take your family dance party to the next level😉
  8. Prepare guestroom or space for guests together by making a welcome card, setting up pictures or flowers
  9. Stroll through a festively decorated neighborhood together and admire the lights
  10. Make a non traditional gingerbread house- use waffles, graham crackers or a different kind of cookie to construct the house and then decorate! 
  11. Have an indoor snowball fight with cotton balls or fluffy pom poms 
  12. Read or tell the real Christmas story together! I like the Jesus Storybook Bible or using a manger scene to act it out

This list could be so much longer, because there are so many creative ways to spend time together around the holidays. Whatever you choose to do, if you’re with your family, I’m sure you’ll be making amazing memories! 

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