Silobration with kids

I heard about the Silobration event in Waco a few months ago and immediately made plans to go! The Magnolia Market and Silos looked like a sweet way to spend a family day anytime, from what I read about and saw in pictures. With the added festivities of the event, it had to be an […]

LEGO fun with kids

I love LEGOs! They’re probably my favorite toy. I think that kids have the potential to learn so much through their play with LEGO sets. Obviously, they can be used to build structures, but then a new world can be created and the child has the chance to play imaginatively in that world. A world […]

Being honest with kids

I love playing imaginatively with my son. He is 5 years old and is very observant of the people around him. Listening to him play can be hilarious, but I love that it helps me to learn more about him and I get a glimpse of his perception of life. We were playing one day […]