Living in a small space with kids

Since my husband and I got married, we’ve always lived in an apartment. We are currently living in our 4th apartment together and our oldest child, Cruz, has lived in all 4 of those apartments. So it’s safe to say that we’re used to living in somewhat small spaces and we have some experience with […]

A cute and simple Valentine’s Day with kids

Valentine’s Day is seriously the cutest holiday! When you are celebrating with kids, it’s usually all about little crafts, exchanging valentines and sweets. Here are the simple and fun things we’re doing to celebrate this year! Sweet treats It’s a Valentine’s Day tradition for us to make heart shaped sugar cookies. I’ve been doing this […]

Keeping resolutions with kids

January seems to be the time to set goals and plan your year. It’s an exciting month to really dream about what you want to accomplish. I don’t think there’s anything magical about January that makes it a better or easier time to change or set goals but it’s definitely a time of resolutions. Personally, […]