Being honest with kids

I love playing imaginatively with my son. He is 5 years old and is very observant of the people around him. Listening to him play can be hilarious, but I love that it helps me to learn more about him and I get a glimpse of his perception of life.

We were playing one day and pretending to talk on the phone with each other. He told me that he was driving home from work but was only going home for a quick snack then he had to leave. I asked him where he was going after he got his snack. He said to me “um, hold on, I have to call you back. I don’t know where I’m going.” We hung up so he could use his “GPS”on his play phone! He was completely mimicking me and my inability to drive anywhere without my GPS guiding me.

Obviously, I found this funny and laughed at how he imitated me. But it’s also a reminder that he’s absorbing everything I say and do. My children are always watching my husband and I and they’re constantly learning from us.

This is why I want to be honest with my children. I also realize that my actions are probably going to be much more influential than how I tell them to behave. It’s important to me that they can trust my actions and words to align.

We can all agree that parenting isn’t easy. Making mistakes in front of your children is humbling. Those moments can be an opportunity to teach my kids that everyone makes mistakes.

Telling my children that I made a mistake and asking them for forgiveness. Talking to them about their emotions and letting them know that I feel sad, scared, mad and nervous at times, too. One of the last things I would ever want my children to say about me is that I wasn’t honest or authentic. In my opinion, this authenticity has to start from the beginning, and hopefully it’ll help them to feel confident in being honest with me. Even if their honesty is hard to hear like my daughter someday telling me that my clothes aren’t stylish😆

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