Gifts to get excited about with kids

When it comes to Christmas shopping, I try really hard not to go overboard with my kids’ gifts. I want them to love what they receive, appreciate their gifts and be entertained by them for awhile. This can be a difficult task! Some of the things I think about when I’m choosing gifts for children is will this gift inspire creativity and encourage different types of play. I think about if it can be used independently by the child, but could also be shared with someone. Taking all of these things into consideration, I wrote this list of what I think our thoughtful gifts for children! This list is a mixture of things that we already own and things I may be putting on my shopping list! 

Paris: a book of shapes

This beautiful board book uses lots of colors and iconic Paris spots to teach shapes! The author Ashley Evanson has also created similarly styled books featuring London, San Francisco and New York.

Great Outdoors playing cards 

Cruz has been loving card games lately and would probably think these are awesome! They could definitely be a great gift for almost anyone. So fun and unique!

31 bits kids jewelry kit

My daughter Aria is too young to use this, but I can’t wait for her to be old enough to make jewelry! This set is adorable and gorgeous. The company also has a great story and purpose.

Imagination magnets

I bought these for Cruz a few years ago as a Christmas gift and we all love them! This could be a good toy for a road trip, because the magnet boards fold up together and latch with everything inside.

Radio flyer scoot 2 scooter ride-on

Radio Flyer makes some of the most classic and amazing toys! This riding toy converts into a scooter and I can’t get over how cute it is. Great gift for the little ones in your life that are always on the move!


Some days, I end up carrying my kids jackets more than they wear them! We’re cold outside then as soon as we’re indoors, off go the jackets. Well this jacket can turn into a stuffed animal so kids can play with them when they’re not wearing them. Genius! A lot of different colors and animals available.

Mickey & Minnie birthday parade

LEGO sets are some of my favorite toys! Aria loves playing with this set and I love that she’s learning how to build and play imaginatively.

If you want to see just how obsessed I am with LEGOs, you can read this blog post. 

Crayola dry erase board

The first time I saw this, I knew it would be a great gift for my 1 year old, Aria! She loves to color but usually just tears up the paper when she’s done coloring. With this she can color away without wasting paper. Perfect!

Happy shopping! 

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