Moving without a moving truck…with kids!

     Moving out of my childhood home to go to college was my first moving experience. After that, I moved many times in a short period: 8 moves in 10 years. My 9th and most life altering move happened just last month; my family moved from South Florida to Dallas, Texas! We have never lived outside of Florida before this. When the oppportunity presented itself for us to make this big move, we decided to pack all of our stuff in our car and a minivan and start a new adventure!

The essentials

     I knew I had to be thoughtful and realistic about what we were bringing to Texas because our space was so limited. I didn’t want to keep things “just in case” and then get rid of them later. We sold, donated and gave away more than we kept. Our “essentials” were coming with us and I was glad that those things didn’t take up much space.

New place, new furniture 

     There were 3 big things that we gave away before the move that needed to be replaced in Texas; the couch, dining table, and our bed. We used that furniture well and we were ready for some new things anyways.  The kids’ beds were the only pieces of furniture we brought and they didn’t take up much space. Everything else we brought was smaller and most was able to be boxed up.

Tips for moving with less

   If you’re moving or trying to simplify your home, these would be my tips for you: 
Take on spaces to sort through individually– don’t start going through your closet when you’re halfway through organizing your kitchen.
Include your child in the process of getting rid of toys. Find a charity or place that will take toy donations and have a talk with your child about how he or she has so many toys that can be shared. My son honestly surprised me with how much he chose to donate.
Be realistic about the clothes in your closet. I love finding an amazing deal on clothes, but I used to buy something just because it was a good deal not because it was a great addition to my wardrobe. So I changed my mindset about how I shop and got rid of what I really don’t wear.
• After you move, don’t rush to buy things that you want. Make a list of the things you need right away and then a list of what you want. You may change your mind or realize you can go without some of the things on your “wants” list. 

These are just some things that I have found help me to feel less stress. And for me, having less things in my home makes it easier for me to focus my time and energy on the people living in my home!

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