Silobration with kids

I heard about the Silobration event in Waco a few months ago and immediately made plans to go! The Magnolia Market and Silos looked like a sweet way to spend a family day anytime, from what I read about and saw in pictures. With the added festivities of the event, it had to be an extra fun time. We decided to go today and couldn’t have asked for a better experience! 

Getting there

Silobration is an annual event in Waco and this year it’s happening from today, October 18th through October 20th. The vendor sales begin at 9 a.m. each day and we wanted to get there in the morning to hopefully avoid crazy crowds in the parking areas. We parked at the McClane Stadium for free. On the Silobration website you can find the free places to park that also offer free trolley rides to the Silos and back all day. The McClane Stadium parking lot wasn’t full when we arrived or when we left today. There is only one trolley that transports people to the Silos for each parking area so you may have to wait a bit. When we were ready to leave Silobration, we waited about 20 minutes for the trolley to take us back to the parking lot. 

Bring your appetite 

When you’re ready to eat, you can choose a treat from the Silos Baking Company or get a bite from one of the many food trucks. The Silos Baking Company was pretty busy all day, but there was also a Silos Baking Company truck that offered a few kinds of cupcakes and cookies and the lines were much shorter. We ate donuts at Donut Darlin and BBQ chicken pizza with bacon from 900 Pizzeria. I would highly recommend both spots if you’re into delicious donuts and yummy pizza! There are tables on the street by all of the vendor tents and tables by the stage area. But don’t worry if you can’t find an empty table, because you can just sit on the lawn in front of the stage and have a family picnic! 

Get ready to shop

There are so many vendors at Silobration offering some unique merchandise. You can view the full list of vendors on the Silobration website, and you will see that you’ll be able to find a gift or something special for anyone. My favorite vendors there are Walker Family Goods, ROOLEE and Freshly Picked. While you’re at Silobration, you can also take a short walk to The Findery. This adorable store is just outside of the Silobration area but totally worth a look! 

Other stuff

If you or your kids are feeling crafty, you can paint a small terra-cotta pot for free! Look for the little painting station that looks like a green house amongst the vendors. And if you feel like dancing, you can enjoy the live music on the lawn by Magnolia Market. Don’t forget to explore the little garden and find some cute photo spots! 

If you’re considering attending this event, let me tell you that you need to go! I hope you and your family enjoy it as much as we did. Find more info here 

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