5 Reasons I love working out at home with kids

Being healthy and active have been important to me for a long time. Unfortunately, the past few years I haven’t consistently made the best decisions for my health. There were so many things that I let get in the way and I wasn’t getting the exercise that I needed. 

After we moved from Florida to Texas in July, I decided that it was the perfect time to get into a healthier routine. My daily schedule was completely changing after the move, because I was going from working full-time to staying at home with my two young kids. Exercising consistently needed to become part of my new routine. 

I discovered the Sweat app and the BBG program offered through the app. After doing a little research and trying some of the workouts, I took the plunge and signed up for a year subscription! This seemed like the best program for me right now and I knew that committing to a year would help me set and accomplish my goals. I’ve been using the BBG program for about 12 weeks, but before that I’d never used an at-home workout program. Going to the gym and taking group exercise classes were always enjoyable to me, but feeling like I didn’t have enough time kept me away a lot. So considering all of this, it’s pretty safe to say that I’m not an expert and I’m not in great shape! But I’m sharing my reasons why working out at home works for me and maybe it could work for you too!

1. No childcare needed

This is a very obvious reason to work out at home if you’re a parent. No need to coordinate gym schedules with your spouse or call a babysitter. 

2. Flexible schedule 

I try to follow a schedule with my workouts, but the reality is that I need to be flexible. Some mornings I can do my workout while both of my kids play without any problems. Some days, I know that I won’t be able to finish my workout unless I do it while my 1 year old is napping. With the BBG program, there are 3 resistance workouts a week plus 3 or 4 cardio workouts of your choice. I prefer to finish all of the resistance workouts before the weekend, but that doesn’t always happen which is totally okay! I set my schedule and I can change it whenever. 

3. Wear whatever is comfortable 

There are no rules for what you can and can’t wear while you workout at home! I like being barefoot whenever possible and my “home gym” is totally cool with that desire. 

4. YouTube workouts

Usually, I choose to walk for my cardio workouts, but I also take advantage of the wide variety of workout videos that YouTube offers. One of my favorite types of group exercise classes to take at a gym is Zumba. There are so many fun Zumba videos online! We have the Amazon Firestick which is perfect, because I can turn on a Zumba YouTube video on my TV and then dance around my living room!  

5. My kids can be involved

My husband and I want to teach our kids healthy habits. We teach them how healthy habits make us feel better and a big part of teaching these things is showing them! I love family walks, because we all bond and we’re all being active together. My kids don’t participate in my BBG resistance workouts but I think they’re benefiting from watching me do them. They see that I’m making a healthy choice and that being active is a priority to me. 

If you’re looking for a workout program to do at home, I’d definitely recommend the Sweat app and the BBG program. It’s so easy to use and I’ve been really happy with the workouts provided. There are so many ways to workout and be active and I’ve learned that it’s always possible if it’s important to me. 

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